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"I don't need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster."

- Steve Jobs

Amazon Web Services is one of the most important things to happen to the internet. I can't even begin to list the number of websites that rely on AWS every single day. My experience with AWS has been huge since working as a professional dev. I have used their Cloud9 IDE to spin up an EC2 instance and develop fully in the cloud. I have done the S3/IAM dance many times. I have set up and maintained CI/CD using CodePipeline. I have manually spun up and dealt with EC2 instances. I have made countless Lambdas, making use of EFS, Redis, and other outside resources. I have built an application using Elastic Beanstalk via Terraform. I've even written my own small Rust program to make dealing with MFA in the CLI much less painful!