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"Any program is only as good as it is useful"

- Linus Torvalds

Git is arguably one of the most important pieces of software ever created. It is what allows us as developers to collaboratively work together. It is not the first Version Control System by a long shot, but it quickly rose to dominance upon release and is now the canonical VCS for software projects. The ubiquity of Git has led to nearly every tool I use taking advantage of it. My shell prompt uses Git to give me information about the project I'm working in. FZF and Ripgrep take Git into account when searching. Neovim fires up Language Servers based upon Git. CI/CD would be practically impossible without the use of Git. Also, thanks to Github, I can share my code with the world using Git. It is an immeasurably powerful tool that has only made me feel more comfortable as a developer the more I learn about it.